Every person who buys a copy of Marked by Fate on iBooks will also be entered for a chance to win the HARRY POTTER HARDCOVER TRUNK BOXSET! 
Get your Felix Felicis potion ready because one lucky fan will win the entire Harry Potter series in hardcover packaged in a Hogwarts trunk! 
Wait there’s more…
If you have an iphone, Mac, or iPad then I’ve got a super exclusive offer for you! Pre-order an iBook copy of MBF and you will get a FREE COLORING BOOK & 25 COLORING BOOKMARKS to download. 
Spoken in the words of Paley Ash, “How cool is that?” 
Maybe the other authors and I have gone crazy from working so hard on this boxset because right now you can grab your copy for the amazing price of 99¢ 
(FYI: The link will take you to iTunes then click the button that asks if you want to go to iBooks)
Haven’t taken a bite of the Apple? Don’t have iBook? No worries, here’s what we got for you:
For now, MBF pre-order is currently available exclusively on iBooks but it is coming soon to Amazon, Nook and Kobo along with more special offers!
In the meantime, come hang with us at the MBF Facebook page.
Hope to chat with you there!

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