Shock of Fate

Didn't your mother tell you? Never trust a troll.

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“Complex and multi-layered storyline…it left me breathless and completely spellbound…a new ‘must read’ author.”  —Angela H., Amazon reviewer

“This story was GREAT!” — The Wayfaring Bibliomaniac, Amazon reviewer

“Couldn’t put the book down!” — Kandis, Goodreads reviewer

“Hooked from the beginning!” — Stephanie C., Goodreads reviewer

“Twists and turns that keep you guessing…” — Chantelle S., Goodreads reviewer

Shock of Fate

Re-vamped quest fantasy in the spirit of The Hobbit except told from the POV of an American teenage girl

   Vanessa Cross has never traveled anywhere by magical tree trunk. She’s never used a wish-fulfilling bowl to create lunch, befriended gnomes, or confronted a troll. Her plans for summer break include lazing on the beach, shopping, and hitting the beauty salon—her usual way of coping with a hypercritical stepmother and an aloof father.

   Yet fifteen-year-old Van’s hopes for summer fun drastically change when she is coerced through a portal to an alternate realm called the Living World. Once there, she discovers the only way to get home is by retrieving a relic called the Coin of Creation.

   Along the way, Van not only meets new friends, experiences her first love, and learns about the magic in life, but finds that a great destiny awaits her…if she can survive the treacherous journey.

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